“I used Aspire studios for my wedding this past weekend and they were AWESOME!!!! Cynthia does her absolute best to make sure the bride gets exactly what she wants. My whole wedding party loved her and it seriously felt like she was one of us by the time she left!! I was so worried about having a videographer because I have heard horror stories about them not getting along with photographers, but I can honestly say they worked amazingly together, even posted a selfie with each other on Facebook. My day was perfect and I had the best vendors around Everyone at my wedding was so impressed with them all!!!” –   Hailey B

“I had not thought about hiring a videographer for our wedding. I honestly didn’t think I could fit it into our budget. But then I read a few wedding planning blogs where people regretted not hiring a videographer. Then I shared a funny idea that I had for my ceremony with my photographer, and she told me that she highly suggested that I hire Aspire Studios to video our wedding. She told me that my plan HAD to be caught on tape and there was no way that she could capture it in photos. So I set up a meeting with Cynthia Jones. She was so incredibly sweet! We talked for hours! She is so passionate about her job and loved organizing and planning the special moments they were going to be sure to capture! And my budget? She worked with us on payment! The day of our wedding, they arrived right when they were supposed to. They were dressed for a wedding and looked very professional! They worked amazing with our photographers! We can hardly wait to see our video! Also, my husband just let me plan everything and didn’t have much to say about what I was doing. lol. (We had a blast at our wedding and reception, and he commended me for doing an awesome job planning everything. ;) ) After our wedding, as we talked about how wonderful everything had been, he told me that he was very happy that I had booked a videographer. To my surprise, he told me that he thought that was probably the BEST wedding money spent! He had pretty much let me plan whatever, however I wanted, but we were on a tight budget so I was surprised that he didn’t think it was just frivolous spending. He was very glad I hired Aspire!!! So am I! :)”  – DaLeyna S

“Cynthia and Adam were amazing to work with! We began working with them just the week before our wedding when we decided last minute to find a Videographer. Cynthia drove to Little Rock to meet with me and I couldn’t have been happier with our last minute search that led us to them! I cannot wait to see everything they captured on our special day. Thank you Cynthia and Adam for all of your work on our wedding day!!” – Emilie Reno

“Great to work with and make everyone’s wedding event very special!” – Rebecca Jones

“Adam and Cynthia are the absolute BEST to work with! You won’t find a sweeter couple to capture your special day! I recommend them with all my heart! Thank you for making our day even more special!” –   Stacie Hollowoa

“They did a great job on my niece Stacie’s wedding.” – Eileen Melone Ridley

“Simple the best! What they do is Priceless” Darrell – Angie Dorlarque Butler

“They are so awesome! Husband and wife teams are the best!! They did amazing on mine!!” – Ethan Landrum

“We got married in December and we had our wedding and reception recorded by Capture My Memory. This was the best decision we could have made. We were able to show family members, who were not able to make it to the wedding, the ceremony in full length and even a highlight reel! Capture My Moment did incredible work putting our video together. We cherish it.” – Gabi Barton

“It’s so fun to have such a special day in arms reach to re-watch over and over again!” – Kristin Smith

  We were married in September of 2009 and we’ve watched our video 5-10 times every year since, it’s now the end of 2012! We love it!! – Stephanie Bell

It is more than a video, it’s a blessing because it reminds us of how we felt that day. It provides a memory that will last for a lifetime. – Bryan Bell

“My favorite part of the video was the ‘Wedding Party Interviews’. It’s nostalgic to hear the guys talking about me and wishing me luck without me knowing. – Jonathon Howard