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Parker & Jill’s  Wedding Highlight Video

Parker and Jill met through a mutual friend. Jill used to date long-distance, when the mutual friend decided that we should turn a skype date into a group chat with his friends. That relationship fizzled out, but Parker and Jill remained friends, texting, skyping, and writing short stories together. After Jill moved to New York, Parker suggested they hang out. Within a year, they were dating. Three years have passed, and Parker and Jill got married on October 22, 2016. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Also like Aspire Studios on Facebook at:


Evan & Katie’s Wedding Teaser

Evan and Katie’s wedding at Garvan Gardens was exquisite! They were both absolutely amazing!  Both have attained hero status in the eyes of their peers and they deserve every beautiful memory they have of this unbelievable day! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to Aspire Studios! Also like us on Facebook at:

Kyle & Brittney’s Wedding Teaser

Brittney and Kyle’s Wedding was held at Enchanted Evening! They were such a wonderful and fun couple who took advantage of every part of their beautiful venue (including the swimming pool)! It was so fun to film this wedding and the only thing more fun was creating the wedding video! As always, manually picking 1080p is best and don’t forget to like and subscribe to Aspire Studios! Also like us on Facebook at:

Brett & Haley’s Wedding Teaser

Haley’s gorgeous outdoor wedding was an Etsy dream come true! With the lush mountain backdrop of Royal Ridge and the endless love between Brett & Haley this wedding video was an absolute joy to work on! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Also like Aspire Studios on Facebook at:

Matt & Alexandria’s Wedding Teaser

Lex and Matt were amazing! Our entire team thought that their wedding was a ton of fun! Lex’s energy and enthusiasm paired with Matt’s solid & steadfast promises convinced us that this was a match made in heaven! Hope you enjoy this teaser!

Zac and Shelby’s Wedding Teaser

This bride will always be remembered by Aspire Studios! She was so thoughtful & kind to us! Zac melted everyone’s hearts at the wedding with his radiant love for Shelby! This is the type of couple you wish you could continue to be friends with forever! Thank you Zac & Shelby for allowing us to do your wedding video!

Williams’ Wedding Teaser

Felissa & Lee truly embodied joy! We will be hard pressed to video another wedding that was more of a celebration than this one! Every single person at their wedding was smiling and having a good time!

Robert and Bekah’s Wedding Teaser

Robert & Bekah’s joy and love for each other was incredibly contagious! This gorgeous wedding was held at Royal Ridge in Royal, Arkansas. It was one of our absolute favorites of 2013! Here’s a taste of their amazing evening! Don’t forget to change your view settings to 1080p :)

Robert and Bekah’s Highlight Video

Here’s more from this perfect couple! We don’t usually post highlight videos, but they loved it so much they wanted it put online!

Joshua and Hayley’s Wedding Teaser #1

A beautiful couple on their wedding day! Enjoy the special moments!

Courtnie and Billy’s Wedding Teaser

We are so glad Courtnie asked us to be a part of her wedding day! What a wonderful couple!

Nick and Shelby’s Highlight Video

Nick and Shelby asked for their highlights to be set to one of their favorite songs: “The Way You Smile” by Newsong & Francesca Battistelli. We loved the way it turned out! Enjoy!

Lindsey and Ethan’s Wedding Teaser

We were so excited about Lindsey and Ethan’s wedding day! We couldn’t wait! It was absolutely awesome! Now they are doing wedding photography and their work is just as lovely as this beautiful wedding!

Bart and Logan’s Wedding Teaser

Bart and Logan were such a joy! They were so loved by everyone they met and it shows!

Drew and Christine’s Wedding Teaser

It was a delight being asked to be part of this couple’s special day!